This is The Time For Revelational Ministrations

Mike Bamkiloye

Jeremiah 1:9-10 [9] Then the LORD put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the LORD said to me: “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. [10] See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant.” Several years ago, in 1993 to be exact.

I remember we were on film location of “The Perilous Times”, and we had done two days on the location already, before we met a brick-wall on the third day. We just could not move on as much as we tried.

A particular scene could not be done, because the spiritual atmosphere was just completely against us. Those on set were just forgetting their lines. The atmosphere was tense.

Suddenly, the Lord spoke into my spirit that we should stop the film location and declare a day prayer and fasting on set. All casts would be on fasting and prayer.

So we suspended the location, and all those who came on film location gathered with us in a living room from morning till evening as we sat down before the Lord in prayer and fasting through out that whole day.

As we were praying in the living room later in the afternoon of the next day, around 4.00pm, a large party was going on beside our house, being organized by our neighbors. And the invited musician was singing aloud, praising some of the invited guests at the occasion.

To our amazement, while we gathered in our living room praying, we began to hear the musician singing aloud and praising a particular woman:
“Awo FUNMI… Chikaya mi…oooooo!
Awo Funmi…. Chikaya MI… Olola oooo! “
(“Praise…. Praise to Funmi Chikaya”)

Do you remember the movie “Perilous Times”, and that there is the main cast played by my wife, a lady who came from the marine kingdom to attack servants of God. She had a secret name in the Marine Kingdom called “Chikaya – Daughter of Darkness”.

We were shooting the aspect when they were holding meeting in the kingdom of darkness to send her into the world to attack a MAN of God, and we ran into an inexplicable stone-wall and could not proceed, before we declared the prayer and fasting on set.

We were amazed that the strange name we mentioned in the movie we were still shooting on location was being plainly mentioned by a singer beside our house. Then, we knew we were actually battling with the kingdom of darkness on set of that film location.

But how did I know of the strange name called “Chikaya – daughter of darkness”? When I was writing the script and was praying in my retreat, the Spirit of the Lord brought the name into my heart.

I have never heard the name before. It came into my heart when I was writing the script, and I never knew it was a real name of an actual strange person.

Obviously, the name was giving to the Singer on stage. He was given the name to sing and praise. He too never knew how strange and horrible the name was. He was just singing and praising “a woman”.

He must have thought it was just a Nick name. But when we heard the name, we knew it was the name of the Principal character of the Marine Kingdom we were acting. We were shocked.

If you were around when the movie came out in 1993, it sent shock wave into several homes and many churches at that time. It was the wave of the movie that made Nollywood produced their own version of the movie in 1994, “Nneka – the Pretty Serpent”, followed by “Karichika – the spirit lady”.

On several occasions, while writing drama and movie scripts, as I waited on the Lord in the place of prayers, I had often received strange names and incidences which had created serious waves when the movies were out.

I was on my knees in prayers as I was writing the portion of “Paulina” in AGBARA-NLA”, (The Ultimate Power).

The scripting was going on in a retreat place, mostly on my knees beside the bed, then, I heard the Holy Spirit saying to me:
“Ask of me, she has another name, a secret name apart from Paulina”

Then, I stopped writing and began to pray that God would give Me her secret name. Then, the name “Aya-Matangha” came out of my mouth as I prayed in tongues. The Lord stopped me and said, that is the secret name: “Aya-Matangha”

A year after the movie AGBARA-NLA came out, one of my relations, an elder sister called me into her room, and spoke with serious amazement to know how I got to come by the name “Aya-matangha”.

She brought out a newspaper and showed me the confession of a young man who was trapped by a strange lady and was taken to the beach where he saw him self in a large Palace and saw the name “MATANGHA” on the throne of a marine princess.

Up till today, more than 20 years on, the wave of the movie is still very much around us allover the countries we have been.

THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE LORD SAYS “I will put my Word in your mouth” .
And when the Lord said to Jeremiah,

Jeremiah 1:9-10
[9] ….. “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.
[10] See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms,
To root out and to pull down,
To destroy and to throw down,
To build and to plant.”

It is by the power of the Word of the Lord put in your mouth and placed in your spirit that you would get utterance to deliver His Word for the deliverance, revival, salvation, and restoration of people.

Your Drama, Movies, Music, Poems, Spoken Word, would be powerful to pull down, root out, destroy devils Build-ups and Plant Righteousness when you learn to wait in His presence to receive His Word of Revelations for impartations.

It is the Direct Word of Revelations of God that makes a person’s drama, movie, or music message have an Evergreen effects.

It is the Revelational ministration of God in drama, movie and music that people need these days, and not Motivational speeches of men.

If we need people to come into restorations and revival and Salvation through our messages, we need to spend more time in His licence so that He might put His Word in our mouth for the people.



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