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As it was discovered that the curriculum is getting wider, the Institute created some topics specially in church drama evangelism. This was made to let those in church drama ministries be fully engaged, help their pastors and yet be fulfilled.

It started in April, 2000. Between April 2000 and May 2001, it was held three times concurrently with Ordinary Certificate in Christian Drama Evangelism. It becomes the crux of the mobile church drama seminars that has been taken to more than fifteen African countries including India, Australia, USA, and Europe.


Course structure

  • Introduction to Christian drama ministry
  • Classification of Christian Drama
  • Ideal qualities of a drama Minister’s
  • Motivating factors in Christian drama
  • Denominational Drama ministries
  1. Formation of church drama Groups
  2. Primary roles of church drama Group’s
  3. Challenges of church drama Groups and remedies
  • Independent drama ministries
  1. Formation
  2. Structure
  3.  Financial principles
  4.  Disciplinary principles
  5.  Transition process from part time to full time
  6. sustaining a full-time drama ministry
  • unconquered lands in drama ministry
  • Introductions to field outreaches in drama ministry
  • Youth drama Evangelism
  • Casting and role fixing   in Christian drama


Ordinary Certificate in Christian Drama Art


Advance certificate course in Christian drama Arts


  • Establishing a drama ministry
  • Introductions to field outreaches 2
  • Mission field defensive principles
  • Introductions to film production
  • Drama and world mission
  • Receiving and writing of Christian message


Movie Practical at The end of the lectures



    • Ability to Read, Write and Communicate in English Language.
    • A Born Again Christian, with Interest and Gifts in Christian Drama and Film Production.
    • A letter of introduction from an established Church or Ministry.


This Course will Earn the Participants the OCP/ACP Certificate Issued by The Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama ONLY.

HOWEVER, If you Desire to Obtain Professional Certificate in Christian Performing Arts from both Mount Zion Institute and AJAYI Crowther University, Oyo; you will need to attend an ADDITIONAL 2 WEEKS (2nd Semester) in JANUARY 17-30, 2021.

The MATRICULATION and GRADUATION of the Professional Certificate Course shall hold on AJAYI CROWTHER UNIVERSITY, OYO.

If you Prefer the Professional Certificate in Christian Performing Arts, PLEASE, DON’T Register for this, go and Register Under the Professional Certificate Program, so that you can receive the Procedure for Matriculation. You can click here and Register the Professional Certificate 

The Course cost is #30,000

Admission Form is #5000..

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